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A network of Association profiles where homeowners and service providers connect with the community. The community's "Public" profile content is added to or updated by the registered users. The community profile is a "Snapshot" view of the community, which can provide key people/companies connected with the community, a link to the HOA's website (if any), photo gallery, ratings and other information. Registrations are open to community managers, rental managers, Realtors and other companies to connect with the HOA and the homeowners who live in the community. Free for homeowners and free for service providers to tag the community where they provide a service


As a homeowner, unless you are on the board of directors or attend meetings on a regular basis, it is diffult to keep up with whats going on in the community. Additionally, volunteering for the board or a committee can be time consuming, an often thankless. Unfortunately, so many homeowners are in the same position, so in most situations, the Board ends up not receiving new prospectives, and that stagnates progress. Except in rare cases, this senario plays out accross the country, in nearly 350,000 HOAs. This site was developed, in part, to help residents in an association to become engaged with the HOA and their neighbors. What is overlooked often times is that a HOA is more than just a vehicle for enforcing the standards laid out in the governing documents, it is the catalyst for a community. And a community needs to be more than a set of rules and common services. Each resident of a community loses out by not engaging, but often the only opportunity is a Board meeting. Once people engage with each other and share ideas the community becomes more effective. is a different kind of an HOA website, it is not a resplacement for the HOA's own site, in fact we make sure to place the HOA's site address in the listing. All of our tools and services are Free to the HOA and residents, like Home Sale Listings (even if listed by an agent), Rental listings , community want ads (placed by your neighbors), and so on, and will never be charged a fee. When visitors come to the site, they may be looking to purchase or rent a home, they may own a rental unit or maybe checking on whats new in the community, the difference is that they can search through almost 100,000 HOA listing on the site. What is listed on the site is up to you, the homeowner, with only a few exceptions. Once you are registered on your HOA's page as a homeowner, you can add or edit listing information, post an idea for your neighbors to comment on or "agree with" ,you can rate certain aspects and elements of the community, the page belongs to and is controlled by the homeowners.

Board Members

As a board member you volunteer your time to help your community. It is not an easy job, and it is difficult to find people to volunteer. The apathy that's so prevalent in this industry is and has been a problem nationwide. It has led to a feeling of alienation by those who do not volunteer to serve. Most board members at one time or another, have felt the resentment.
To resolve this, HOAs need to open as many lines of communication as possible with the members. They need to feel like their input matters. Taking surveys, or allowing residents to post their ideas, where everyone in the community can weigh in, can make a huge difference. You want homeowners to feel invested in the goverance of their community and not feel ignored. HOA Home Page provides tools for homeowners to get involved and allows Boards and Management a way the feelings and attitudes of the community. The net result is a more satisfied community.
One element of community management that is often frustrating is dealing with tenants and non resident homeowners. Very few HOAs have zero non resident owners, usually because of state laws. Most of the time, it is behavior complaints about the tenant, why is that? Tenants usually want to feel that they are a part of the community, but they are seldom treated that way. They are often unaware of specific HOA rules, even if they are provided the documents. In most cases, the more informed they are the fewer problems you experience. We provide for tenants to register on the an HOAs page, they will not have access to all areas, but they are now in the loop. We also encourage rental managers to register all of the rental units in each community so you know which units are rented and who manages them. We also make if very easy to contact the manager, when there is an issue, right from your page.
You owe it to yourself and your association to check out your HOA page and start using it to encourage a healthy sense of community.

Association Managers

HOA Management is often a thankless job. Often long hours, the target of homeowner criticism, placed on the hot seat at board meetings. We created this site after 30 years of experience in the CID industry, so, we know your challenges. The site was developed with you in mind, from community interaction to business development. Click on the CIDpro menu item to learn how to take maximum advantage of the tools we offer. Learn More

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This is a network led and monitored by homeowners and others connected to your community.

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The basic profile for any HOA listed comes from a variety of sources, both public and private, all other information is provided by those connected directly with the HOA

Sample Community Profile Page

Click on the link below to see a sample where registered homeowners and service providers have contributed to the content. The general public can view the information uploaded by the homeowners. The cannot view your private posts of ideas or polls


HOAhomepgae is a free resource for individual HOAs and the people who live in them. It is a collaboration between residents, the professionals who serve the HOA and the Board of Directors. The content is updated and added to by individuals not a single company or person. The successful governance of a community greatly depends on the free flow of information to the residents and open feed back from the residents. The more informed the community is, the easier it for the Board to meet the needs of the members. Other than basic information your HOA profile is a blank slate, over time information is contributed to a full spectrum repository of community data. The site is designed to accept input from the community for the community. It focuses on features and tools for individual homeowners, Board members, management, prospective buyers, Real Estate professionals and others who are interested in a specific HOA. It is not meant to replace an HOA's own website, in fact we provide a link to the HOA website. It is intended to provide a homeowner network and general information (a snapshot) to the public, and specific (and private) information for homeowners. Which units in your HOA are rented? Which are available, which are being sold? Well run HOAs intentionally seek out the input of the community, HOA HOME PAGE does that an much more, where individuals can share their ideas with their neighbors and everyone can weigh in. Just take a look, find your HOA on the site and check it out. Many features only activate if you are a homeowner in the HOA