eXp Agent Moderator networking tool


Each Homeowners Association webpage is a micro network of homeowners and professionals who have an interest in the community. The moderator is a professional whose business is dependent on developing relationships with prospective clients, and use networking to develop those relationships. The moderator is a marketing tool for homeowner product or service providers to actively engage with the community members on an ongoing basis.

The moderator acts as the network leader, and is identified at the top of each community webpage, as such. If left at just having a name at the top of the page, it would be no better than an ad, and may or maynot produce leads, but it is much more than an ad. The moderator is part of that community network and consequently part of the homeowners communication loop. In order to be an effective tool, the moderator needs to actively engage with the homeowners and build the network.

For RE agents, who typically depend on networking to encourage leads and referrals, this focuses their networking effort on specific communities, where you can develop a deeper understanding of the community and the more they learn about the community, the more likely the homeowners or home buyers who visit the community page, will ask you questions. For all practical purposes the moderator is the owner of the community page.

Each time you have a homeowner connect in the network, they are automatically emailed an introduction to you and inviting them to invite their neighbors. Each time any homeowner posts a comment, idea or any other entry to the community page, all registered homeowners receive an email from the moderator automatically, the moderator is CC’d all emails.

To check it out and get started go to: Agents Start here

There is no obligation, but if you want move forward we collect information about you for a couple reasons, so you will be completely a couple of simple forms.

The moderator tool is designed as a fee based tool, however, Century 21 and CB agents will have one year to use the tool free of charge*. If after a year, you find that it has been useful, you will be given the opportunity to continue using it at a discount or you can just discontinue being the moderator and it will become available for another professional to take over.

Or Sent me a note: Contact me

*Only available for agents who have been verified as an eXp Agent by Agency leader.