Homeowner Service Providers (Serves Individual homeowners-not for R/E agents or managers)

Homeowner Service Providers (HOpro) who provide any service to homeowners. If you currently provide a service, whether it is maintenance, cleaning services, remodeling, Windows, security, accounting, legal, any homeowner service, you can tag the community. You are added to the community vendor list and it’s free. The homeowners often times need a service and want to know who their neighbors are using. This is an easy and free way to take advantage of your current business.
HO Pro Registration

Do you Serve BOTH the HOA and HOMEOWNERS?

If you currently provide services to the Association and services to individual Homeowners, then make sure you register as a CID professional (CIDpro). You will not only be able to TAG each HOA with both types, but your dashboard will list both as well.

Free Listing on HOA pages

If you provide a product or service to individual homeowners in any HOA, you are entitled to list your service free of charge in each HOA. Your Company name will be visible to the homeowners of each HOA

Service Types and Conditions

In order to receive a free listing on any HOA page, you must be currently providing services to Homeowners that own a home in each community. If you list your company on any HOA page and you are not currently or recently served (this might be something like installing a HVAC system) a homeowner in that HOA, your company can be banned from participating on hoahomepage.com. The service types are listed on the registration form, if it is not listed use the "Other" field and insert your business type.

Listing Your Company

  • Complete the registration at the top of this page.

  • Search for your client's HOA page

  • Favorite the HOA so you can easily return later

  • On the right sidebar and under Quick Links of the HOA page find the "HO SERVICE TAG "

  • click on "HO SERVICE TAG", in the POPup complete the form to add your service and submit the form- You will need to input the address of each your homeowner clients in this HOA- this is only visible to other homeowners

  • Go to your next Client HOA Page and repeat the above