CID Service Providers(Association services)

CID Pro Registration

FREE! You will have authorization to TAG HOAs and Individual properties in the HOA, where you currently do business

As a CIDpro, you have the option to tag individual homes that you serve in the HOA. It is not required, but those properties will appear in your dashboard. If you ONLY serve INDIVIDUAL homes, it is better to register as a Homeowner Professional (HOpro).

Sign up to be a Legal and Management Forum Expert

After you register as a CIDpro- go to your Dashboard and you can sign up to be an expert on our forum page. You will be added to one of the state categories, based on where you practice. You will receive a notice when a question has been asked regarding the law or management in your state-

Free Listing on Client Pages

As a service to each Association you are allowed to list your company name on each of your HOA client pages. This service is free. This area is visible to anyone visiting the page.

Service Types and Conditions

In order to receive a free listing on any HOA page, you must be currently providing services to that community. If you list your company on any HOA page and you are not currently serving that HOA, your company can be banned from participating on Service types include; Legal, management, landscaping, maintenance, Insurance, collections (if separatre from legal) Accounting, bookkeeping,- if your service is not listed send us an email at

Listing your Company

  • Complete the registration at the top of this page.

  • Search for your client's HOA page

  • Favorite the HOA so you can easily return later

  • On the left side of the HOA page find the "Service Provider" list

  • click on add my service and submit the form

  • Go to your next Client Page and repeat the above