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How it works

Moderating a community's homeowner network is a tool to help you get to know the community. Below is a list of moderating features and benefits. If you still have a question fill out the "contact us" form- Thanks for checking us out.
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iconNational trial Launch of Moderator tool

A Moderator could also be called a network leader, but the role of moderator is much more. A moderator is engaged with the community directly, you are in the loop. And becomes the go to expert on all things related to the community.
We are in the process of connecting with Century 21 agents in twelve Metro markets across the country to participate in our trial launch- these agents will not only be the first to use the tool, but will receive other benefits and recognition

If you are not a Century 21 agent- you can still participate in the network as a HOpro or CIDpro, which allows you to become part of each community network, in the Vendor Directory and it's free. After the C21 trial you will be able to become a Moderator

iconWhy become a Moderator?

From the standpoint of the RE agent, this tool allows you to connect with homeowners in the normal course of Moderating the community network. It allows you to reach out to homeowners and professionals who serve homeowners and the community, with a purpose, building the network. Your brand will become know to most if not all homeowners in the community

Additional Info
After launch Pricing Information

Century 21 Trial Launch

Although becoming a Moderator is straight forward, the step by step list below will help you understand the process and allow you to keep your moderated HOAs well organized. Although in time the Moderator Role will be available generally, but at this time we are testing the Moderator tool through Century 21, nationally.
If you are a Century 21 agent in any of the following communities, please reach out to us if you are interested in participating in our trial C21 launch.

SF Bay area, San Diego, Orange County (CA), Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Dallas/Fortworth, Austin, Houston, Tampa Bay, Miami, Orlando
If you are a C21 agent in any of the Metro areas, we would like to talk to you and provide additional information- please reach out to us
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Getting Started

Even if you are not a C21 agent you should participate in advance of the Moderator tool becomes available to you. Only register professionals will become eligible to Moderate.
1.Complete your CIDpro, HOpro, Agent or other category registration before you start browsing, this will allow you to find your current client HOAs or HOA where you have homeowner clients and add your company to the list of companies serving the homeowners or the community- there is no charge. Make sure you "Favorite" these HOAs. When you log in again, the list of your favorites will be listed in the side bar and allow you to quickly revisit the HOA page.
2. Start browsing through the listings for additional HOAs that you want to make a connection with and favorite them as well. A hint for finding specific HOAs; always use the zipcode search criteria to help narrow the search. If you know the name, but not the zip, insert a zip that is in the general area and select 5 or 10 mile radius.
3. If you cannot find a specific HOA, let us know and we will set it up for you. Although we have over 127k HOAs listed