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How it works

If you are a Homeowner who would like to Moderate your community's page, click on "Contact Us". Below is a list of moderating features and benefits. If you still have a question fill out the "contact us" form- Thanks for checking us out. If you want to view a sample Moderator (a Manager)log on with 010 (user name) with password: manager - you will be taken to the moderator dashboard- you can migrate to the various Moderated Profiles from the dashboard
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A Moderator could also be called a sponsor or host, but the role of moderator is much more. A moderator is engaged with the community directly, you are in the loop.
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Retaining business or marketing for a CID professional is based primarily on developing relationships within an HOA. HOA Home Page offers a path to interacting with the community
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Step by Step

Although becoming a Moderator is straight forward, the step by step list below will help you understand the process and allow you to keep your moderated HOAs well organized.

Getting Started

1. Complete your CIDpro registration before you start browsing, this will allow you to find your current client HOAs and add your company to the list of companies serving the community- there is no charge. Make sure you "Favorite" these HOAs. When you log in again, the list of your favorites will be listed in the side bar and allow you to quickly revisit the HOA page.
2. Start browsing through the listings for additional HOAs that you want to make a connection with and favorite them as well. A hint for finding specific HOAs; always use the zipcode search criteria to help narrow the search. If you know the name, but not the zip, insert a zip that is in the general area and select 5 or 10 mile radius.
3. If you cannot find a specific HOA, let us know and we will set it up for you. Although we have over 95,000 HOAs listed it only represent about 80-90% of existing HOAs.

Ready Yet?

If you have already registered as a CIDpro and tags all of your current HOA clients- then click on Moderator Registration below- Otherwise click on the CID pro menu item
Moderator Registration

Claiming HOAs

Once you decide to become a Moderator, click on the menu item "Moderator Registration". You will be taken to a page to fill out an application. We require an application prior to completing the registration to confirm you are a CID professional. We then send you the passcode to complete the registration. You will then be able to Claim HOA Listings.