Rental Manager’s Page

Rental manager new business development. Rental managers who rent properties in Community Associations (HOAs, Condos, Mobile home parks etc), have an opportunity to increase your exposure in specific communities. You are allowed to tag each community where you currently do business, for free. The list of rentals and your company is seen by the owners in the community. If you want to develop new owner clients, this is an easy way to do it.

Rental Manager Registration

What we offer Rental Managers

This is not designed to replace your current system for listing properties for rent, it is however, a way for you to connect with the community and let owners know who you are and how to contact you. There is no fee for rental managers to Register and list their rental properties. If you want to target a specific HOA, where you do not have rentals, you can choose to be listed under services offered directory contact us for more information.TEST DRIVE-If you would like to view a sample rental manager- log-on with modreg (user name) and rentalmanager (password)-*Remember if you also list properties for sale, Register as an Agent to have your listed properties appear on your dashboard as well.

Rental Manager Dashboard

When you click on your Dashboard anywhere on the site your profile and all of your rental properties will be listed, under each HOA Title, along with other tools. Each property is linked to the detail for that listing, where you can update details or status.
If you have rentals in multiple HOAs, the Dashboard makes the task easier to manage

Manager Registration

Once you register as a "Rental Manager" all of the applicable information from your profile will auto fill the contact information for you on the Rental property listing in each HOA.

Rental Listings

On each HOA Page, the owners in the community see your company listed along with the property address of the units you manage. Your name links the owners to your contact information.

Register your Rentals

Go to each HOA where you have rentals and click on "Sales and Leases" in the right sidebar. In the dropdown, click on "Register Rental Units (if the unit is available, you complete the bottom portion of the form- you can just insert a link to your website listing for the unit). Click on "Register Rental Unit" and complete the form for each property. Make sure to set the status, Available (and availability date), rented or Pending. The available listings will appear automatically. All of the properties which are currently rented will be listed, along with your company name, under the link- "See all rentals"