HOAhomepage is a national network of HOA Special Interests. At the core of every community are the residents, otherwise whats the point. So from our standpoint, the most important “Special Interest” the homeowner. The purpose of this network of HOA homeowners is to foster a sense of community, the lack of which has resulted in widespread homeowner apathy in most community associations. Unfortunately, today’s HOA homeowner views the HOA more like they do their local City government. HOAs were created and designed to operate like a municipality- collect the dues and maintain the common area, it’s a business entity with no mandate to encourage a community connection.

HOAhomepage provides a network for the residents and a homepage for the HOA residents, which provides the public with a view of the community, based on the resident input. The network page can be updated by any network member, to add or correct the information or photos previously posted. It works like wikipedia, for residents only.

HOAhomepage is a subscription based network.

Each homeowner registers with the HOA where they own a home, whether a resident owner or a non-resident homeowner. Tenants also register with the HOA they live in . All other information posted to the network is only viewable by registered network members. Prospective home buyers are allowed to view resident’s comments and ratings, but must be approved by the network moderator or a homeowner. Homeowners connect with their community and their neighbors to exchange information and comments. They can also Post free want ads, free real estate listings, list of rentals in the community and the manager’s contact info as well as other companies serving the community, Favorite Vendor List (the companies your neighbors use), communicate with homeowners in neighboring communities or nationwide.